Course introduction of becoming a garment technologist. You must have at least 2-year experience in pattern cutting.

6-weeks Introductory course for becoming a Garment Technologist
The course includes the following modules:
You must a least 2 years’ experience in pattern cutting before you book this class.
You will learn the technics of becoming a garment technologist the industry way.

By the End of the Garment Technologist Course

• Introductory to become a Garment Technologist (giving you standard skirt, trouser and dresses block)
• Learning the terminology and transfer in altering Skirt Patterns to the Customer Specification
• Altering tops and trousers Patterns to the Customer Specification
• How to read a specification sheet and complete it from the beginning
• How to prepare a Technical Pack for the factories
• Overall revision of what you have learnt


Requirement of the Course

In order to fully participate in the practical exercises, please bring the following
Equipment to the first class.  You can purchase the items below:

•    Tape measure
•    Economy Pencil
•    Set square Ruler
•    Vary form Curve ruler
•    Rubber
•    Economy Notcher
•    Patten shears
•    Pattern drill
•    Scotch tape
•    Metre rule

If you need information on where to purchase the above equipment, please send me an email.

Student needs to attend all the sessions and need to be on time.