Testimonies 2018 pattern cutting

4 Feb , 2019 Style Line News

Testimonies 2018 pattern cutting

Styleline pattern cutting

Three more of our students graduated after completing our 8-weeks Introductory Course to pattern cutting, ending another successful season.

Our one on one interactive course offers you the chance to learn Pattern Cutting in a safe and supportive environment, with a tutor with over 25 years’ experience working within the Fashion industry, alongside some of the largest fashion brands in the world.

We are so excited to see Steve, Jade and Janice graduating with flying colours, as they leave our beginners course with new found confidence and skills that they can take into 2019.

Our Pattern Cutting course is for anyone starting a new career in the Fashion industry, who wants to build up technical skills using Woven and Jersey blocks, both our courses  help you to develop confidence and understanding on the technical aspects of the industry.

The course includes the following modules:

• Introductory to Pattern Cutting (giving you standard skirt, trouser and bodice block )
• What is flat Pattern Cutting? (Copying a bodice block to paper)
• Creating a Dart from and Dart less block,
• Dart manipulation continuation (Slash and Spread and Pivot)
• Developing Sleeve Style
• Developing Trouser Style
• Developing Skirts Style
• Overall revision of what you have learnt.

Pattern Cutting Tools:

To get started you will need a few basic pattern cutting tools which you can pick up at Morplan were you can buy your items online or you can pop into one of their 4 regional stores: London West End W1W 7DF, Bristol BS4 1UN, Glasgow G41 1HP, Birmingham B6 5RQ.

Morplan word to hyperlink here:

Pattern Cutting Tools Checklist:

Here is our essential must have list of tools that you will need to purchase before attending our courses.

  • Cutting Knives
  • Awl
  • Dot & Cross Pattern Paper
  • Plain Tracing Paper
  • Pattern Master
  • L Squares
  • Tracing Wheel
  • Tape measure
  • Economy Pencil
  • Set square Ruler
  • Vary form Curve ruler
  • Rubber
  • Economy Notcher
  • Patten shears
  • Pattern drill
  • Scotch tape
  • Meter rule

Our graduating students are now ready to take the Fashion industry by storm with their new-found skills. We have listed some Fashion recruitment companies below:

Finding a Fashion Recruitment Agency:


Michael Page

Fashion & Retail Personnel


Freedom Recruitment

3 Inspiring Testimonials:

Meet Steve who said:

student reward in pattern cutting

“My teacher really explained everything when she came over to show me how to do things, I really got it more and I understood how it all works”.

I think this is a good course to learn if you want to start Pattern Cutting the teacher was excellent, she helped me to understand all my tools from Morplan and now I know what they are used for especially the nipper, tracing wheel and the curve ruler.

I had fun on this course, and I am looking forward to moving on to the advance course in April 2019.

(Nov 2018)

Meet Jade who said:

student with certificate in pattern cutting

Styleline Pattern Cutting is the best course I have ever been on, not just because I enjoyed learning about fashion but because we had a very engaging teacher.

The atmosphere was great and what I have learnt I will forever hold in my heart. I have learnt things I can teach my daughter.

This course has left me feeling more confident and I also cannot wait to keep learning.

I am looking forward to the New Year 2019 – Thank you so much for everything Marie”.

(Nov 2018)

Meet Janice who said:

student with certificate in pattern cutting

“Even though I already work on the production side of the fashion industry, I knew that pattern cutting was an invaluable skill and I wanted to learn more.

Since joining Styleline Pattern Cutting I have learnt a lot and I am already more inquisitive and thinking about what the pattern looks like when looking at garments now, as well as trying to calculate garment consumption.

My teacher was great, and I believe that being taught by someone already in the industry really makes a difference, especially when it comes to learning the “tricks of the trade”.

This may have been a beginner’s course but what I have learnt has made me want to expand my knowledge not only for my job but into making my own patterns and garments.

Thank you Marie for a great 8 weeks, and for sharing your knowledge with me, it’s been a lot of fun!”

(Nov 2018)

A Final Thought:

If it’s your first time in the fashion industry with little or no experience of pattern cutting, then choosing a course that allows you to develop your skills to industry standard is important. If you want to start your journey and learn more about developing your pattern cutting skills please CLICK HERE

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