What does grading a pattern mean?

14 Nov , 2017 Style Line News

What does grading a pattern mean?

We mentioned in our What Does a Pattern Cutter Do? Article the various members of the design team and so we wanted to refresh your memory, and add another very important person. A Pattern Grader. A Pattern Grader works very closely with the Pattern Cutter.


Understanding What is grading in pattern making otherwise known as pattern drafting is essential to your career and business development, especially if you want to produce your own collection in the future, then you will need to understand what pattern grading and what a pattern grader does in detail.

You are in safe hands as we walk you through the basics of what is pattern grading.


What does grading a pattern mean?


Pattern Graders role is to take a pattern from the Pattern Cutter and produce a pattern in all of the sizes that the garment will be sold in, so for example a trouser will be sold in the following sizes from size 8 – 28 and so it is the Graders role to produce the trouser pattern in 10 different sizes by increasing or decreasing a garments size.


Manual or Computerised Grading?


Grading can be done manually using a specification size sheet to grade in increments and change one size into another. Or you can use a computerized pattern cutting software.


Here at StylelinePatternCutting we believe that learning the manual way is very beneficial to learning the basics of grading so that you can catch mistakes made manually. There are pattern grading books that will give you the grading system.


How does a Pattern Grader work with manufacturers?

The Pattern Grader works very closely with the Pattern Cutter and the manufacturer to make sure the pattern grades are set to their specific measurements.


If you are approaching sample manufacturers or your garment is ready for production then your graded patterns must be done beforehand. Your entire graded cardboard set from sizes 8-28 will be sent to the manufacturer along with all working drawings and sketches.


Please note: Grading a pattern will not create the garment shape it will only increase or decrease the size of the garment.


A Final Thoughts:

If it’s your first time in the fashion industry with little or no experience of pattern cutting, then choosing a course that allows you to develop your grading skills to industry standard is important. If you want to start your journey and learn more about developing your pattern cutting skills please CLICK HERE


To your style success..

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